4 Unique Ways To Make Your Home's Entry Gate More Attractive

A gate at your driveway or at the walkway to your home can keep your property more secure from thieves and intruders, and from unwanted guests. A driveway gate forces all cars to stop and ask for permission to enter your property and either type of gate can be fitted with security cameras for added safety.

If there is one drawback to installing a gate at your driveway or walkway, it's that they can sometimes seem a bit utilitarian and unattractive. They may make your property seem like a compound instead of a home, detracting from your overall look. To stop this from happening with your property, consider some unique ways to make your home's entry gate more attractive, either at the driveway or walkway.

1. Cover the front and back with bamboo

Bamboo shoots are an attractive and durable material that can cover up your gate, front and back, and hide its utilitarian look. Bamboo gives your gate a more earthy feeling and can soften the look of the metal. You can typically buy bamboo panels from any home improvement store and simply cut them to size and clip them to your gate yourself, making it an easy fix.

2. Build a pergola over your gate

A pergola can also soften the look of a walkway gate and make it seem more like an entryway than a jailhouse door. For added appeal, you can opt to have the pergola extend all the way to your home itself if the gate is not too far from your front door. This provides a shaded walkway for visitors and makes it seem more welcoming.

3. Opt for a stone surround of columns

As with bamboo, stone is a natural element that can soften the appearance of a gate. Adding stone columns on either side of a driveway gate can make it seem more welcoming and inviting. The stone columns can also be built with holes drilled to accommodate wiring for security cameras so these look less obtrusive as well. For a walkway gate, build a stone surround for even more visual appeal.

4. Add decorative elements to the front of the gate

To make a gate more personal and homey, add decorative elements to the front. This might be a large letter for your name initial, your house numbers, or your favorite symbol. Make these elements as oversized as possible so they break up the look of your gate and become the focal point rather than the gate itself.

Remember also that keeping your gate in good repair and choosing attractive accessories made of brass, oil-rubbed bronze, or another natural element can also make it look as appealing as possible, and will cut down on the utilitarian feeling of your driveway or walkway gate. (For more information on gates, contact a company such as Incom Inc)