A Quick Guide To Buying Commercial Refrigerators

A commercial refrigerator is a good solution for restaurants and other locations that do not have room for a walk-in refrigerated unit. Commercial refrigerators are usually more spacious on the inside and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, to fit your food prep and storage area. Since you have so many options for a commercial refrigerator, consider some important factors you'll want to remember.

1. Note where the condenser will be located

Most commercial refrigerators will have the condenser on the bottom or the back of the unit. If you choose one with a condenser in the back, you may need to keep the refrigerator away from the wall so that it doesn't overheat and can work properly. This may put the refrigerator in a walkway depending on its size and the size of your food prep area, so be sure you adjust your measurements accordingly.

2. Interior measurements indicate available storage space

When considering how much space a refrigerator offers you, be sure you note the interior space and not the exterior size. Depending on how the unit is designed, the interior storage space can be much smaller than the exterior size. Consider your regular stock purchases versus your daily food usage and be sure you choose a unit with appropriate interior space.

3. Consider whether you need additional options and accessories on your refrigerator

It might be worth the investment to get certain options and accessories for your commercial refrigerator. For example, if you use small items for cooking such as pre-shaped balls of dough, pan slides may be a better option than shelves so you can reach all the small items in the back of the unit. Casters can allow you to move the unit out for easier cleaning and these might be a good choice for larger units that are difficult to clean under and around.

4. Choose units that will make food prep faster and easier

Because you have so many options for commercial refrigeration, it's good to consider what will make food prep faster and easier so that your restaurant or business can operate more efficiently. As an example, some units come with doors on both sides so you can place it in the middle of your kitchen. This reduces the time it takes to walk back and forth to the unit. Refrigerated prep tables keep foods right where they're prepared, and this too cuts down on prep time. Work with your cooks and other staff to choose the type that will make their job faster and easier.

Contact a dealer like Sparks Refrigeration Inc with these things in mind so you can have the best appliance for your business.