Why Hard Drive Shredding Destruction Is So Important

If you are like many people in modern society, almost everything gets done online whenever possible. For example, banking, bill paying, work, school records,  and  personal communication are often easier when done electronically. Unfortunately, every keystroke is recorded by your hard drive, which means that by the time you are ready for a new computer, all of your private information could be left to linger in the hard drive.

Given the importance of protecting yourself and your family from criminals who would like to access your information, wiping your hard drive simply does not provide enough security. Therefore, it is crucial to access a hard drive shredding destruction, to safeguard all that you hold dear.

Do You Remember When Wiping Your Hard Drive Was Sufficient?

As technology has become more sophisticated, so have the criminals who use it to access your information. The truth of the matter is that just a few years ago, wiping your hard drive meant that the information could not be retrieved by anyone, but the most knowledgeable criminal. Logically, that minimized the risk that the average person was exposed to, when disposing of an old computer.

Unfortunately, it is now possible and not uncommon to be able to access the hard drive even after it has been professionally wiped. Therefore, it is obvious that the best solution is now to remove and destroy the hard drive, before disposing of or recycling the computer. The good news is that doing so does not have to be time-consuming or expensive, and is easily done by trained professionals.

The term "Hard Drive Shredding" is accurate, although it is easy to think it is slang or an exaggeration. When everything else in the process has been handled, the hard drive is typically broken down and then shredded. That prohibits the retrieval of your information later.

Is Hard Drive Shredding Only For The Hard Drive?

It is often shocking to learn that hard drive shredding refers to more than just the hard drive. In general, you should expect accountability from each stage of the destruction process. In addition, you should be able to trust that the different components of your computer that could maintain any of your records have also been safely handled. 

Specifically, that might include

  • Any disk drives (including floppy and zip)
  • Any backup tapes or remote storage for the computer 
  • Optical media  

In conclusion, thieves no longer need to rob you in the parking lot or risk breaking into your home. Instead, they can wait for the unwary, casual computer user and in no time, they can learn everything about you. The only way to prevent that is through hard drive shredding destruction, by a company like STS Electronic Recycling, so that your hard drive never shares your information with anyone.