4 Things You Can Do To Extend The Life Of Your Cylinder Seals

If you own a business that uses hydraulic equipment, you already know that you need to do regular maintenance to make sure things run properly. However, it is easy to overlook cylinder seals, because they can be replaced easily. However, these repairs cause delays in the work process and can cost a great deal of money over time. Use these tips to extend the life of your cylinder seals.

Paint Metal Surfaces

This may seem like a strange suggestion, but painting metal surfaces can help cool the system. This is sometimes necessary to extend the life of your system overall, as temperatures can get very high in hydraulic systems. These high temperatures affect the cylinder seals and they need to be replaced more often. Painting metal surfaces, such as tubing, will bring down the overall temperature and save your cylinder seals. 

Consider the Fluids You are Using

Are you using different fluids in your system than you used to? If so, you may need different cylinder seals. That's because different fluids can have additives in them that affect cylinder seals, causing them to deteriorate more rapidly. Eaton PLC and other manufacturers have guidelines about what fluids are appropriate for their cylinders and seals, so make sure that the seals you are using are the proper seals for the fluids in your system.

Clean and Change Filters

Sometimes, foreign substances can cause you to have to replace your cylinder seals. That can be the result of an inadequate filtration system. For instance, if you are finding tiny metal bits stuck in your cylinder seals, that is a sign that your filters are not working as well as they should. Make sure to keep your filters clean and to change them as needed, so that you can save your cylinder seals.

Keep Cylinders and Seals Clean

Substances like ice and mud can affect your cylinders and cylinder seals. It's important that you make every effort to keep your cylinders clean and free from debris, so that your cylinders and seals don't deteriorate as a result of mud and other external elements.

When you properly maintain your cylinder seals as you do with the rest of your hydraulic system, you won't have to replace your seals as often and there will be less delays as a result. Use the information above to help you take the steps necessary to extend the life of your seals. Visit this website or a similar one for more information.