3 Services That Can Help Prevent A Commercial Building Fire

Home fires are fairly easy to recognize and put out if you have a smoke detector or fire alarm installed in your house. Commercial buildings, however, can pose a much greater risk because of their sheer size and capacity to hold a much greater number of people. Whether you're an office building manager, real estate developer, or simply an employee who is tasked with educating your co-workers about fire prevention habits and procedures, read on to learn three great services that can help stop a fire before it gets out of control.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Most people in a commercial building walk past several fire extinguishers every day, but would never know how to actually operate one if the situation demanded it. While fire extinguishers aren't difficult to use, some training is helpful. Local fire departments or private safety education companies usually offer affordable courses that instruct workers on exactly how and when to use a fire extinguisher.

Obstruction Investigations

In the case of a fire that's already too large to be put out by a single individual with a fire extinguisher, evacuation is the only option. While an evacuation plan might look good on paper, sometimes obstructions in the building--whether inherent to the building design or simply due to the layout of a room--can cause evacuations to fail disastrously. Fire prevention services companies provide obstruction investigations that critique existing evacuation plans and propose ways in which they can be improved.

Sprinkler System Testing

Often, a small fire in a forgotten corner of the building can be easily put out with a modern fire sprinkler system. That said, if a sprinkler system is not regularly maintained, it can easily corrode or otherwise deteriorate to an extent that it malfunctions when it counts most. If you own a commercial property or are responsible for keeping current with state and local safety regulations, make sure that your building's fire sprinkler systems are checked regularly and thoroughly. If there is corrosion or deterioration within the system, have the system treated or repaired as soon as possible. 

Fire extinguisher training, obstruction investigations and sprinkler system testing are all central to ensuring that your workplace is a safe one. Whether you've yet to move into a new building, or simply want to have the peace of mind that an old one is still safe, don't hesitate to take the necessary steps toward fire prevention. For more information, contact Ace Fire Protection.