Unique Items You Can Use To Make Your Own Iron Stair Railings

Iron rails make a beautiful addition to the inside or outside of any home. Some of the wonderful properties of iron include durability, ease of maintenance and strength. However, because iron is quite a useful commodity, it can be very expensive to buy new. For those who would love to have an iron railing but simply can't afford the price tag, (or just wish to make their own) here are some items that you could buy used at auction, garage sales or thrift stores for pennies on the dollar. With some creativity, you can use them for a DIY iron railing.

Iron Bedframes

Many times you can find rusted old iron bedframes at garage sales and auctions, and with a little TLC, these can be turned into fabulous rails. Once you disassemble the frame, remove the rust with steel wool and repaint them, you can use them as iron railing. You don't have to weld them together (although that does help), but you can screw or connect the pieces of iron to a wooden frame.

You don't need matching bedframes, either. You can use a wide variety of headboards, footboards and the actual bed rails in creative yet symmetrical ways to make a very unique and beautiful rail.


Most of today's rebar is made with a steel/iron alloy, but you can find older rebar features with a higher concentration of iron. Rebar is often used for concrete construction, and it is extremely strong. These straight pieces of iron feature raised ridges that add a unique texture. If you find some old iron rebar, you can remove the rust and paint it as well. You can make wooden top and bottom rails with pre-drilled holes for the rebar, then assemble it all together and fasten it securely. This will make a quick and very interesting iron stair railing.

Iron Wheels or Sprockets

For those who really have a creative urge, you can find old iron wheels or sprockets that can be incorporated into a railing. Welding is the easiest way to connect the pieces, but you can also wire them together as well. You can often find these used online or at garage sales, flea markets and auctions.

When it comes to making your own iron railing, you don't need to be a professional welder and you don't need to buy expensive pieces. With a little creativity and just some basic knowledge of how to use tools, you can create a fantastic and artistic iron railing with ease!