Four Tips To Help You Get More Life Out Of Your Air Compressor And Equipment

An air compressor can be a tool that improves workflow and production. It is also a piece of equipment that needs regular maintenance, such as changing oil and draining tanks. In addition to the maintenance, line filters and keeping oil levels right can help to get more life out of your compressor and pneumatic equipment. If you want your compressor to always, work like new, here are some improvements and maintenance tips to help:

1. Regular Oil Check To Prevent Overheating And Damage

Compressors need oil in them to lubricate parts. With regular operation, some of this oil burns off. As the compressor loses oil, it can become less efficient. Your machine may even begin to overheat as it becomes too low on oil. This can cause seals to break and other problems that lead to costly repairs. To prevent this, check oil levels regular and add oil whenever you see it is low.

2. Draining Tanks Of Condensation After Every Workday

Condensation forms in the compressor from moisture in the air. This condensation can cause water to buildup in the bottom of tanks. Water can damage parts of your compressor tank. To reduce this problem, drain tanks after every workday. On every compressor, there is a valve at the bottom of the tank that you can open to do this.This will prevent rust can corrosion inside the tank and help to make your compressor last longer.

3. Inspection Of Seals And Regular Repairs To Leaks

Compressors have many gauges and connections on them. Everywhere there is a connection; there is some type of seal. These seals can begin to leak or deteriorate over time. To ensure your compressor is working efficiently, check seals regularly and repair any leaks when needed. It is a good idea to keep material like Teflon tape and seals on hand to do any of these repairs.

4. Use Of Line Filters To Keep Condensation Out Of Air Lines And Hoses

Just like the tanks and other parts of your tank, lines, hoses, connectors and equipment can also be damaged by condensation. To prevent this problem, use line filters to remove moisture from lines and hoses. This can help prevent damage to parts on lines and the equipment that is use the compressed air.

Maintenance and proper care of your compressor will help to prevent problems that cost you time and money. If you need a compressor or equipment, contact an air compressor dealer to get everything you need.

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