Signs Your Metering Pipeline May Need Repair

Being responsible for a metering pipeline for gas is an important role. You must make sure that you, the employees in your organization, and the people in the surrounding area are protected. If left unchecked, problems can erupt into large scale disasters. To make sure your pipeline is in the best of shape, watch out for the following signs, and consult your professional pipeline repair service if they arise:

Rotten Egg Smell

If you detect a small similar to rotten eggs, this is a sign of sulfur. This kind of leak is dangerous, and should be addressed immediately. Keep in mind that natural gas will often have a special odor of its own, though it shouldn't be as strong or sulfur-like on a normal basis.

Hissing and Roaring

Strange noises are another sign of a potential gas leak. If your metering pipeline is making any noises other than typical operational occurrences, you should be alarmed. This extra hissing sound can represent gas that is escaping, which could then produce excess fumes that are extremely flammable and dangerous.

Spraying Dirt

If a hole in the ground appears to have dirt blowing up from it, this could mean that the gas is escaping from the pipeline under the ground. Immediately contact repair services and get to a safe distance.


In addition to dirt and air rising from holes near pipelines, bubbling water is another sign of a leak. Pipelines can often cross under lakes and other bodies of water. There should be no leakage at all in a healthy metering pipeline, so be alert to any bubbling at all.

Dead Grass

If there is dead grass, or dead plants of any kind, in the area surrounding a pipeline, this should be cause for concern. Unless there is a particular reason that you are sure of that could have otherwise caused the grass to die, then you should assume a leak is very possible.

Safety Tip

Once you have detected any of these warning signs, you need to get away from the area immediately and call 911. Then you should warn others about the leak and keep from using any electronics or flames.

A metering pipeline is a crucial component of transporting gas. Not only is it economically important, but it is also important in terms of personal safety. Make sure to catch these signs before it's too late, and get a repair professional involved immediately. To learn more, contact a company like Industrial Measurement & Control