3 Steps To Follow Before Using A Used Forklift Battery

Purchasing used forklift batteries to use in your manufacturing plant or other business can be a smart cost-cutting move, and a used forklift battery that has been well-maintained can last for quite some time and give you your money's worth. Before you use your used battery, however, you will want to follow these tips for best results.

1. Give it a Thorough Inspection

Before using your used forklift battery for the first time -- and preferably before purchasing it, if you want to avoid buying a "lemon"-- you'll want to carefully inspect it. Make sure that all of the wires and cables are in good condition, and look out for corrosion. You'll also want to look for any cracks or other imperfections in the battery, which could be a sign that the battery is no good and could even make it dangerous to use.

2. Clean it Thoroughly

If the forklift battery was not cleaned when you purchased it, you'll want to take this step before you use it. You can use a stiff brush to get rid of any buildup that you spot around the area where the battery cables connect, and you can carefully wipe away any dirt or debris from the rest of the battery with a soft cloth. This will help you ensure that your battery is ready for use, and it can also help you catch any problems that you might not have noticed during your previous inspection.

3. Add Fluid

Periodically, you will need to add water to your forklift battery before use. If the battery has recently been purchased, the water may have been drained or may have spilled out during the process. Make sure that the battery is fully charged, then add water to the fill line. Make sure that you do not add too much water, however, since the water will expand while the battery is in use, and there needs to be enough room to compensate for this. After doing this the first time, make sure that you check your used forklift battery regularly to ensure that it does not need more water.

Buying a used forklift battery can be a wonderful way to save money, but you do want to make sure that you inspect and use the battery correctly. If you follow these three tips when using your new-to-you used forklift battery, however, you can help prevent any issues.