3 Reasons To Use Non-Fat Dry Milk Media In Product Manufacturing

If you need to use non-fat milk in your product manufacturing process, then you can use fresh milk if you wish. However, you can also use a dry media instead. These powders are basically dehydrated milk. They take out the liquid content and create a dried protein-rich alternative.

Why should you consider switching from using fresh milk to using a dried product?

1. Reduce Fresh Milk Problems

While fresh milk might work well in your products, it has some downsides. You need to stock a constant supply of milk within its usable date. If you have supply problems, then your production line could come to a halt until you can replenish your stocks.

Plus, you might run into problems if a batch of milk goes bad. You could lose a lot of products if you have to dispose of them because some of them might be contaminated. You also might have higher wastage costs here. If you don't use all of a batch of fresh milk in one production run, it might not last until you need to use it again.

A non-fat dry milk media helps you avoid these problems. It typically lasts for months, so you get a longer and more manageable shelf life. You can stock more without worrying about it turning bad, so you shouldn't have supply chain issues. Plus, a dry media lasts longer after opening than fresh milk.

2. Get Cheaper Storage Solutions

If you use a lot of milk in your products, then you might need a lot of specialized storage space in your facility. Fresh milk is bulky; it also needs constant refrigeration. You'll have to invest in refrigerated units which might take up a lot of space.

If you use a dry media, then you can store more milk in less space. These products are concentrated and come in easy-to-store containers. You don't need to refrigerate these products. So, your storage needs and costs should reduce.

3. Choose From A Variety Of Milk Grades

Regular milk might not suit your product needs all of the time. For example, you might need milk to add a creamy taste to some products or to replace cheese solids in others.

If you use a dry milk media, then you can choose from a range of heat grades. Each one targets a specific process for the milk content you use. You'll find it a lot easier to get the right milk content for your needs.

To find out more, contact non-fat dry milk media manufacturers or suppliers.