2 Kinds Of Water Wells

Running water isn't always as easy as hooking up to the municipal water supply and turning on the faucet. If you live out in the country, you need to come up with another way to get your water because it is often too expensive and too difficult for the municipal water company to run pipes out to your house. For most people, the option is to go with a water well. If you need to have a well placed on your property, you need to know about some of the different kinds of wells there are so that you get the right kind of well installed.  

Dug Well

These are wells that are generally dug by hand or with some excavating machinery. They tend to be very shallow wells. Because they are shallow, they are at the most risk for surface contamination. Runoff from farms, roads, and other contaminant sources can easily get into the well. They are shallow and at risk for contamination and seepage, making them a poor choice for your drinking water. However, if you want an extra water source for irrigation purposes, this can be an option. You will have to make sure that you test the water regularly to make sure that there isn't any contamination. 

Bored Well

These wells are deeper than the dug well. Instead of being dug by hand or excavators, the well company will use a boring machine to bore your well. These machines usually have an auger that does the work. An auger looks like a big screw, and as it bores the well out, the auger carries the dirt up and out of the well. After it has been bored, a concrete liner is added to the well to keep soil and other materials out of the water. While these wells are deeper than a dug well, they are still relatively shallow, susceptible to contamination, and at a higher risk of drying up in a drought situation. 

Call a water well drilling company if you need to have a well dug on your property. They can look at your property and any surveying information you might have. After evaluating everything, the well company will tell you what kind of well they think you should have and where they think you should put it. The company may suggest that you use one particular type out of all the several types of wells. 

Contact a local well company, such as Uni Tech Drilling Company Inc., to learn more.