What Can You Do With an Old Computer?

If you're getting rid of an old computer, make sure you do more than throw it in the trash. Recycling can help the environment and put a little extra cash in your pocket, or you may be holding onto a collectible as the world of computers enters yet another generation. Before throwing the computer away without a second thought, take the time to understand what could be a worthwhile cash grab. Collectible Computers?

3 Saw Options For Making Concrete Control Joints

No matter what you do, concrete will crack, but you can control where cracks happen. Concrete control joints are deliberate cuts you make in concrete to dictate where the cracks will appear. Cutting the concrete control joints is done with concrete saws. If you have an upcoming concrete project, check out these three types of saws you can use. Early-Entry Saws The biggest advantage of an early-entry saw is that it allows you to start making control joints sooner than any other saw, so you are sure to prevent unwanted cracking.

Setting Up A Music Production And Performance Station

With music and technology becoming increasingly intertwined, the adventurous DJ may feel like venturing out into new, experimental ways of making music. Although it's possible for many DJs to handle a performance or mix their own music with a laptop or even a tablet computer, reaching out to unseen techniques may take the power of a dedicated computer to a new level as a new base of musical operations. If you're not exactly computer savvy or don't know where to start for computer design, take the time to understand what matters in a DJ's computer and what equipment could help.

A Guide to Diesel Exhaust Fluid

When it comes to fueling your machinery, you will need to be sure that you acquire the best types of additives for getting the job done. In this regard, a number of people turn to diesel exhaust fluid, also known as DEF for short. If you are considering purchasing diesel exhaust fluid, you will need to be sure that you gain an understanding of the fluid, learn how it works, and figure out the advantages of using it .

Four Tips To Help You Get More Life Out Of Your Air Compressor And Equipment

An air compressor can be a tool that improves workflow and production. It is also a piece of equipment that needs regular maintenance, such as changing oil and draining tanks. In addition to the maintenance, line filters and keeping oil levels right can help to get more life out of your compressor and pneumatic equipment. If you want your compressor to always, work like new, here are some improvements and maintenance tips to help: